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Snowboard course in Kleinwalsertal

Fancy hitting the slopes with a single board instead of two? Don’t worry, in the Kleinwalsertal we’ve got snowboarding classes for beginners and advanced snowboarders in group sessions, as well as private lessons.

In our groups, you’ll confidently master your first drifting technique or improve your skills so that you feel at ease on any slope and in any terrain. 

What are you waiting for? Come and join us to experience the thrilling world of snowboarding. Get ready for some serious fun on the slopes and experience unforgettable snow-filled moments together!

Lesson allocation


Prerequisites: Beginner, first day
Slope difficulty Green, boarder club


Prerequisites: Drift turn; front and backside
Slope difficulty: Blue, easy


Prerequisites: Carving
Slope difficulty: Red, medium


Prerequisites: Freestyle and freeride
Slope difficulty: Black, difficult


  • Lesson times: Monday to Wednesday from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Enjoy a group lunch with your snowboard instructor. Meals are not included.
  • Ideally, participants should have a ski pass for the duration of the lesson.

Meeting point

Any questions left?

How are the skiers allocated to groups?

Most of our guests are "repeat offenders", which allows us to allocate them to groups directly and without preliminary procedures. With the lesson ticket each guest is granted assess to our mySports online portal and it is there that your progress is stored at the end of each lesson.

For those who attend a ski lesson for the first time, grouping occurs after oral discussions and estimation of skills, age and language. If the assigned group should not seem to be appropriate, you can of lesson change the group any time.

Do the lesson days have to be booked on consecutive days?

The lesson days should be consecutive, because the other participants continue with the programme and learn something new every day. This could result in having to change the group. The best thing is to speak to your instructor.

Are half-day lessons offered too?

We offer half-day lessons as part of the Burmiclub (lesson for 3-year-olds), cross-country skiing and private lessons. All other (group) lessons are 4 hours (2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon).

We used to offer half-day lessons, but our experience has shown that the learning success achieved is disproportionate to a full-day lesson.

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