Children’s area

Great moments for little explorers

Exciting activities in the Kinderwelt Ifen valley station

If you’re a beginner or an intermediate skier, our ski school has a spacious and snow-guaranteed practice area near the Ifen valley station. The slopes are reserved exclusively for our ski lessons. We’ll whisk ski novices away to Ifen in our exclusive shuttle and bring them back to the ski school in the afternoon.

We offer all the essentials for safe and enjoyable skiing lessons in one place. Magic carpets, various parcours, a beginner’s lift and much more. We’re the only ski school in Kleinwalsertal to offer a snowplough assistant – an innovative tool that helps beginners master the snowplough brake in no time! We’ll have our lunch break together at a restaurant located at the Ifen valley station.

We offer children’s lessons for all skill levels and age groups.

Head for new snow adventures

Weekly programme for kids

At Hirschegg Ski School, the tiniest ones are the biggest stars. Experience an exhilarating kids’ programme full of fun and excitement, specially designed for our youngest ski school guests during the ski lesson week. Each day brings new adventures, from thrilling treasure hunts to meeting the Snow Queen and competing in exciting ski races. Fun, imagination and curiosity take centre stage in our activities. The fun snow adventures wouldn’t be complete without our lively mascot, Burmi from Kleinwalsertal, who adds an extra dose of excitement.

The thrilling snow treasure hunt begins! Can you uncover the hidden treasure of our ski school in the Kinderland and on the Parsenn ski run? Let’s go on a treasure hunt!

magical visit awaits you today: The Snow Queen comes to Kinderland! Get ready to be amazed and make sure you don’t miss out, because the Snow Queen is a very special guest. You might be one of the lucky few to catch a glimpse!

Do you already know Burmi, our ski school mascot? The funny marmot really wants to meet you! From 3 pm there will be dancing, playing and laughing with Burmi in front of the Hirschegg Ski School.

The children’s weekly ski race is the highlight of our children’s ski lesson! Everyone always looks forward to it.  Being there is everything and the emphasis is on having fun. Anyone who takes part will finish with a medal to commemorate their first race. It starts at 11:00 am !