Memorable moments in powder snow

Ski guiding & guided tours

We have a wide range of exciting activities and programmes to make your winter holiday in Hirschegg unforgettable. Besides classic ski, snowboard and cross-country skiing lessons, you can venture on exciting guided tours with our experienced guides to explore the Kleinwalsertal and Oberstdorf ski area. 


Immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of freeriding and experience the thrill off the groomed slopes. Our experienced guides will safely accompany you through untouched powder snow and show you the best slopes in the region. 

Ski tours

Experience the silence of the mountains and explore the untouched slopes on a ski tour. Our ski tour guides will take you to the most stunning peaks and give you valuable tips on technique and safety. Enjoy the ascent through snowy landscapes and anticipate the exhilarating downhill ride on the untouched powder snow. 

Ski Safari

Join a ski safari for the ultimate experience of the best slopes and breathtaking panoramas. Our ski guides are by your side, ensuring you make the most of the ski resort and have a fantastic time. Get ready for an adventure that opens up new perspectives on skiing.

Technique training

Would you like to improve your skiing technique and take your abilities to the next level? Our experienced ski instructors offer individual technique coaching to help you enhance your skills. If you’re eager to fine-tune your carving technique, boost your confidence in deep powder, or elevate your jumping style, our team is on hand with valuable tips and expert guidance.

Early Bird

Experience the magic of the early morning hours on the ski slopes and use the quiet time to make the first turns in the freshly groomed snow. Take advantage of our Early Bird skiing to beat the crowds and experience the untouched slopes in all their glory.